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We proudly present the exclusive Hamburg Marathon 361º Meraki. A limited edition to celebrate the 35th edition of the Hamburg Marathon.

The 500 pair limited edition version of the 361° Meraki running shoe also features subtle details that ties it to Hamburg and the marathon. It‘s subtle black design with‚ 35‘ on the inside mark this anniversary marathon edition, its red and white QUIKFOAM midsole refer to the city‘s rich history of pirates and wild nightlife.

• Upper features a seamless engineered mesh for a lighter, sleeker and more comfortable fit.
• MOPRHIT midfoot interior utilizes a distinct  pattern of soft yet durable materials to hold the foot securely while the heel is designed to help lock and support the rearfoot.
• Pressure Free Tongue is designed to provide comfort and avoid irritation during flexion.
• Ortholite insoles utilize 20% recycled content while still retaining the performance fit and comfort that runners want.
• The QU!K Spine is a carbon fi berglass shank that adds linear integrity to the mid-foot. 
• QU!K Flex 4Foot Engineering provides for a natural and balanced toe-off and enhances ground contact for better acceleration.
• QU!KFOAM, a midsole material comprised of an EVA rubber blend with PU coating that provides excellent durability, cushioning and responsiveness.

Size: US 8 - 13
Weight: 290g
Drop: 9mm
F/F: 16.2mm
R/F: 25.2mm
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